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Help Center and FAQs


Where can I find the user manual of pulse oximeters made by Zacurate?

If you have lost access to your Zacurate pulse oximeter user manual, please contact us at our email address to request the desired user manual. We will provide you with a copy.


How do I register my product to activate the warranty?

To activate the warranty of your Zacurate pulse oximeter, simply visit our product registration / warranty page and complete the form by providing all the necessary and required details.


I purchased my item from Ebay, does Ebay count as an authorized distributor?

We will honor the warranty if the product was purchased from an authorized distributor. Current authorized dealers are “”, "", "Zacurate", "Vaunn Medical" and “Beyond Med Shop”. If you purchased your Zacurate pulse oximeter from Ebay, you must have purchased the item from authorized distributor "Beyond Med Shop". Any other distributor on Ebay is not authorized to distribute our products.


How do I redeem a coupon/discount code on my mobile device?

If you are attempting to redeeming a coupon or discount code using your mobile device, the discount box may not be available immediately. If you do not see the discount box or an area to apply your coupon code, please click "show order summary" on your mobile device. The coupon area is found inside your initial order details.


Under what circumstances is shipping free?

Domestic shipping is free for all of our Zacurate fingertip pulse oximeters and other products. Generally, it takes 2-5 business days for your order to arrive. The only time that shipping is not free is when you choose 1-business day as your shipping option.